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Frontier Forensics Midwest, LLC
High Strength, Woven, 
Heavy-Duty Vinyl Body Bags
  • Made from 8 MM high strength vinyl
  • Easy access envelope style zipper with locking design
  • Heavy duty #8 nylon zipper with dual pulls facilitate ease of opening and closing
  • Electronically heat sealed construction complies with OSHA Reg 3130
  • Item # 100211
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Identification Bands
  • Our bands include approximately 25% more writeable space and are over an inch longer than other commercially available bands.
  • Waterproof, durable vinyl identification band to ensure proper identification of the body at the autopsy facility and/or mortuary.
  • The band should be marked with the decedent's name, date of birth and county of origin
  • Item # 100217
Security Tags
  • A uniquely numbered, single-use lock to seal the body bag during transport of the body
  • If properly documented, the numbered lock ensures proper chain-of-custody between the place of death and the receiving facility.
  • The lock helps to defend against accusations of tampering with the body or theft of valuables.
  • Item # 100215
Heavy-duty handled 
"Bag in a Bag"
  • Impervious, abrasion resistent highly tear resistant 12 Mil poly coated scrim supported polyethylene outer shell
  • Inner liner helps to prevent leakage
  • 10 reinforced handles for situations requiring carrying of bags at scenes
  • 450 lb static lift tested
  • Dual heavy duty No. 8 style zipper with locking design for easy opening, closing & sealing
  • Electronically heat sealed construction complies with OSHA Reg 3130
  • Item # 100213
Price: $13.99/bag
Price: $39.99/bag
Price: $0.13/tag
Price: $0.25/armband
           $65.00/ 500 bands
Every Frontier Forensics bag comes with all the supplies necessary to properly prepare the body for transportation!

Each bag includes one:
Idenification Band
Permanent marker
Body bag seal
Business Card