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Private Autopsies
Frontier Forensics Midwest offers private autopsies. Here you can find the prices and some printable copies of the paperwork that is required. Payment in full is required prior the examination.  The licensed pathologist that completes the autopsy will provide the client with the original copy of the final autopsy report. The autopsy findings are private and belong to the individual that requested the autopsy.

Please give us a call at 913-299-1533 with any questions that you may have with our private autopsy service, or request more information on our private autopsises in the form on the right.

  • Standard Autopsy: $3,000 (toxicology not included)
  • Embalmed Autopsy: $3,500 (toxicology not included)
  • Additional $500 for routine toxicology testing
  • Tissue procurement and limited autopsies will be priced dependent on the individual circumstances and requirements
  • If paying with a credit card an additional 3.5% fee will apply.  
  • Additional fees may also apply for non-routine histology, microbiology or other requested services.
  • Transportation fees are not included in the above pricing. (We would be more than happy to help arrange transportation to our facility with a transportation company.)
Please fill out above documents and return them to us by fax (913)912-1388 or email: contactus@frontierforensicsmidwest.com
If you have any questions about the services Frontier Forensics Midwest provides please send us an email at contactus@frontierforensicsmidwest.com or at 913-299-1533.